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Professional Chrome Dance Pole - Adjustable Stripper Poles
Professional Chrome Dance Pole - Adjustable Stripper Poles
Professional Chrome Dance Pole - Adjustable Stripper Poles
Professional Chrome Dance Pole - Adjustable Stripper Poles

Professional Chrome Dance Pole - Adjustable Stripper Poles

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Professional Grade – Removable, Portable, and Spinning Dance Pole Kit

The Body Massager Australia Pro Quality Dance Pole is a screw together type dance pole offering a superior chrome electroplated finish, extra-strong deep-set solid joints, and smooth action bearing for a gracefully looking pole dance move or inverted spin!  Fully removable and easily portable!

This pole dancing pole offers easy installation with sturdy steel construction and adjuster bar quality found in elite dance pole brands for a fraction of the price.

The Body Massager Australia Pro Quality dance pole is both a rotating or “spinning” dance pole as well as a stationary or “static” dance pole with a simple quick adjustment on the base.  It can easily adjust to various ceiling heights ranging from 2315mm to 2745cm.  

Constructed with the highest standard and sturdy enough for commercial use, built to securely last and is by far the best starter dance pole you can buy for such a great price!  All metal solid construction, no plastic parts ever!  Sports extra soft rubbery grip on both the dome and base for an exceptional grip on the ceiling and floor surfaces promoting a safer installation.

If you are looking to get started pole dancing for fitness at home, buying this pole as a gift for a friend, or possibly opening a studio to offer pole dancing classes, this dance pole has been used extensively under all those conditions and you won’t be disappointed!

This kit contains everything you need to get started at home!



This BRAND NEW, pole dancing stripper pole is fully removable, spinning, portable, and durable enough to safely invert as a professional.  It is great for pole dancing for fitness, exercise, or for dancers aspiring to be professional fitness competitors.  Whether you are a beginner or professional pole dancer, this pole is produced with the highest standards to bring you the best pole experience on the market featuring high quality – easy-to-grip chrome, smooth advanced bearings, extra-wide dome, articulating base with strong stem support, screw together solid joints, and ALL metal parts.  

The 45mm Fitness Poles strength and rigidity are maintained by using deeper solid screw joints and thick metal tube construction. Tested (See Video Below) and tried in Vital Pole Expression pole fitness studios.


Set contains all the parts needed for a dance pole ceiling height from 2315mm to 2745cm.  


  • Easy to install with NO extra ceiling fixtures required.
  • Extra thick, soft rubber on dome and base for superior grip on ceiling and floor surfaces.
  • Articulating Base for slightly uneven floor surfaces.
  • Chrome that will NOT chip or peel off.  Upgraded professional electroplating process makes it extra durable.
  • Thick metal construction that will not bend during inverting or exercise.
  • Advanced, smooth action bearings. Bearings that WON’T freeze up after a few months of use.  You can expect this pole to be durable and to last!
  • All metal construction, no plastic parts.
  • Solid Joint Design for better joint stability.
  • Extra-wide dome works on a flat ceiling ONLY – meaning the dome cannot be used on a slanted or vaulted ceiling.  
  • Easy Screw together types of construction for removable and portable ease.
  • Carrying Bags make this dance pole easy to transport to a different location.


Easy to grip chrome, the most common finish types used worldwide.  Size 45mm is the most common size for beginners, pros, and home users. 45mm is the industrial standard for pole dance competitions.


Easy Lock-on base for both spinning and static modes with the use of a hex key.  No more guessing on where to lock the pole.


Dance pole is fully removable breaking down into several smaller pieces. 

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