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Portable Neck Pain Relief Hammock
Portable Neck Pain Relief Hammock
Portable Neck Pain Relief Hammock

Portable Neck Pain Relief Hammock

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Remove Neck & Shoulder Tension, Relieve Headaches & Stress, Improve Your Posture and Sleep Better!
Our necks are constantly tense. Sometimes, the pain is strong enough that you can't just ignore it. Most likely, it regularly happens to you: a gym session where you go all-in, a long workday staring at a computer half-slouched on your desk, a restless flight with subpar head support, or even just a bad night's sleep leaves you not being able to turn your head without feeling tension and pain.
While neck and back stretches can help, doctors and physical therapists have found that cervical traction is what gives their patients the most relief. The problem is that most equipment is too expensive and bulky to take with you on the go.
Luckily, you can now get this cervical traction assistant, an amazingly relaxing and relieving device that you can easily take with you anywhere.
This cervical traction assistant works by gently pulling the head away from the neck to stretch and decompress the spinal cord, which increases blood flowoxygenates the surrounding musclesdecreases pain, and increases the mobility of the neck and shoulders.
Simply attach the strap to a door handle or railing.

And lay your head in the comfy pad.

  • This device takes only 10-15 minutes a day and is the easiest, most portable, one-size-fits-all solution for your back and neck troubles - perfect for athletes, long flights, business trips, long work days, and more!
  • The straps are designed to wrap around any door, railing, or pole, giving you the flexibility to use your cervical traction device wherever you want - no more laborious setup or oversized equipment.
  • Comes with two high-quality straps (one adjustable), a bungee cord that can hold up to 120lb (54kg) of tension, and a rally hanging buckle, for using the cervical traction assistant in a variety of situations, with customizable comfort and maximum durability.
  • The neck pad is made of polyester, PU leather and suede for a cozy neck pain releasing session.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Very relaxing, easy to use when working from home. 10 minutes in between meetings works well.


Great item, relatively easy to install. Effective on a stiff & sore neck :)


I purchased this as a gift for my husband who is in the building trade and suffers constantly from neck pain that then leads to migraines, he has been using this twice daily and the pain in significantly less, and only the Odd mild headache no migraines! He loves it!


This is so handy for me as I neck gets really sore and tight when working on certain tasks, such as the computer or cooking for long periods. My Exercise Physiologist had one and I loved using his so I bought my own.


I wish there were instructions with it.


I have only put it on once since I got it feels like it will work really well<>
But I feel like I need to push it down to keep it where I feel I need it
I think it will help my back a lot


Definitely different, the straps could be shorter. It feels like my head sinks all the way down to the floor without the required resistance. However each to their own. Definitely read the other reviews to see if this is right for you.


Only used a few times so far. Very happy with neck hammock. I get tight muscles at the base of my head. Also shoulder problems. The neck hammock gives me a lot of relief. Would recommend.


good quality, good relieve of head and neck pain.


I am very happy with the neck hammock, it takes the pressure off my neck and shoulders. I suffer terribly with neck problems resulting in a headache and not being able to move my neck without pain and the hammock after 15 minutes seems to lessen the strain on my neck and lessens the severity of my head ache. It is also portable so I can use anywhere and it can be easily stored away with the bag it comes with.