How your back pain is related to your sleep and how you can fix it?

How your back pain is related to your sleep and how you can fix it?

Is back pain related to your sleep? This is something that people have been trying to prove for a very long time. It seems that researchers have finally reached the conclusion that yes, back pain is connected to sleep. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with that, and it’s all a matter of handling the situation properly and knowing what to do in order to obtain the best results.

How is back pain connected to sleep?

There are many different back pain causes, many of which are related to your sleep. The main one is connected to your sleeping posture. Poor sleeping positions are known to add a lot of pressure on your spine. What that means is the natural curve of your spine flattens, and that can lead to joint pressure and back strain. That’s particularly true if you sleep on your stomach, as this is a sleep position known to bring back pain. In general, the best sleep positions would be either sleeping on the side, or you can sleep on your back with a pillow added between your knees.

Aside from that, another issue can be related to using a bad mattress. Old, low quality mattresses cause discomfort and you won’t sleep well due to that. It can also be the main cause behind your current back pain. Asking for some professional recommendations is a great idea, since picking the right pillow and mattress can help change the way you sleep. This will also remove most of your current back pain.

How can you fix this issue?

  • A good idea is to start using relaxation methods. These can help you unwind and you will not feel as much pressure. You will feel better, happier and results are always second to none.
  • Create the perfect sleep environment. Remove the extra light and noise from the bedroom. You should also consider using earplugs or a sleep mask. Setting the right temperature is also helpful, and it will certainly provide great results.
  • Experiment with multiple sleep positions and see which one is the most comfortable for you. As we said, sleeping on your back is a great idea, and you can also try to sleep on the sides.
  • Using a pillow beneath your head and neck can help optimize your sleep experience, and that can help more than you might imagine.
  • Make sure that you drink little to no coffee or alcohol. These can disrupt your sleep, and combine with a bad sleep position, you will end up with both insomnia and back pain problems.


There’s no denying that the way you sleep or the mattress you use can lead to back pain. That’s why you want to change the way you sleep, experiment with new sleep positions and also focus on optimizing your sleep properly. These tips listed above are very helpful, and they will make it easy to identify any issues and solve them quickly. Don’t continue using the same sleep position if you’re dealing with constant back pain, instead try to experiment and find the most comfortable way to sleep properly.

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