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Based on 1379 reviews
Great purchase

Awesome machine. So relaxing, helps muscle soreness and fatigue. A remote would be nice 🙂

Rechargable 750 mL H2O Air Humidifier & Purifier

Perfect for my neck

Got used to use a harder pillow, fits just perfect to my neck and head... love it, highly recommend!

Instruction manual

Needs more instructions on the heads and ways to do the massage and how long and often .

Excellent product

The body massager works perfectly on affected body areas like back and legs. Thank you

Great product

Good service and good quality product. Cannot fault

Best pillow

The pillow has made a great difference to my partners neck. He suffers bad migraines and neck pain and the pillow has made a huge difference. The lady who served me was really helpful and friendly. Recommend this to anyone. Thank you

Still havnt received mine even though I've payed for it two weeks ago

Massage gun

This massage gun is amazing, after trying multiple massage machines for my chronic rheumatoid arthritis this is the only one that helps, especially with movement and the easing of pain . Would highly recommend.

Good Device

This massager us very easy to use and helps to relieve neck tension.

So far so good

Have only been able to get up to level 6 so far, but it is helping with my excess fluid. I use nightly for 30 minutes

Body Massager

Thought I’d try the massager for leg aches and it has alleviated the pain. Great on the shoulders and back... ove it!


My legs have gone to heaven. This feels so good on my legs.Love it.


Have used this now a few times, and feeling better. Working on different meridian points.

Really Good

Great product. I just wish the manual had an English section so I knew what all the attachments were for

Best pregnancy pillow

I haven’t had a good night sleep until I bought this pillow. I think I’ll be using it even after having my baby. It’s so comfortable


Love it! You can move it to the spots you need worked on. Smooth movement.

Fabolous Works

My husband & my active son are loving this massage gun, it works very well & user friendly.

Velvet - U Shaped Pregnancy / Full Body Pillow

Better than we were expecting

It’s really great and I’d recommend it for the average person.
We don’t use the attachments though so that may have been a waste
Also it’s great if you are an average weight if you are very skinny (bones sticking out) it’s not pleasant

The only other thing I wish it had was a label saying not to use in pregnancy.

Game changer

This is amazing and delivers as promised.

x Multifunctional Shiatsu Neck Massager

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow with Heating

Very easy to use and provides a good massage. Can be used on various parts of the body. Smaller than first envisaged but a great little machine :)

Air Compression Full Leg Massager - Pneumatic Full Leg Massager for Circulation