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Not sure it was worthwhile as item was well delayed by the couriers

This item is great unfortunately the courier service Aramex held the item for 8 days in before finally delivering. Do not use this courier service

It works great.

Great product . Unsatisfactory customer service

ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain

For $3.99 it’s cheap for protection with shipping especially around Christmas time when things get very busy

Great product, certainly helped my fingers that felt stiff and sore. Excellent delivery time as arrived before estimated delivery time.

Great product, quick service as order arrived before estimated delivery date.


These mats are just amazing! For such a small item it packs a punch. It helps relive my sore feet after a long day working and feels just awesome. The only problem is I didn’t buy it sooner.

Love my massager

It has helped with my back and neck pain

Neck & Shoulder Massager

The Shiatsu 2 in 1 Massage Pillow is the best massage machine I have ever used and I have used alot of different massage machines over the years due to back and neck issues.
This massager feels like human hands and the pressure is amazing. The massager fits my neck perfectly which other machines have never done as I am a slight build.
I was suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain for 4 months and within 2 days of using the Shiatsu massager I was pain free.
I have also used it on my whole back, feet, and legs. I am now pain free from head to toe.
I highly recommend this massager to anyone who suffers from stiffness or pain and wants a truly amazing result.
Great value for the price and results achieved.
Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much ❤️


Love all the attachments. The only problem is that it’s a bit heavy for me. I still find that it works very well

Fantastic massage machine. Whole heartedly recommend

Great product.

It’s amazing! Very light weight. Shipping was exceptional! The manual instructions could be a little more descriptive. I figured it out myself but it would have been nice if the manual gave a better explanation of proper use.

Amazing product and it’s easy to use.


I was extremely happy with the service and how prompt the delivery was

ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain

Helps my lower back out when been in a tractor for long periods of time

I thought I would try this for a month before commenting There have been no complaints from my other half and to me that speaks volumes. For myself I find the mattress topper adds that added comfort that was missing

Extremely happy

Have been sleeping so much better. Just need to upgrade our bed from a queen to a king as only just enough room. Would still recommend to anyone with a queen bed, it works and is worth it. My partner agrees!

Smart Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

Knee Massager

I bought this for my daughter as she tore a muscle in her knee and pulled a ligament. She loves it and says it has definitely helped overall and would recommend this product.