How to Choose the Right Massage Gun?

Booster S Massage Gun

Massage guns have become very popular as a "portable massage device" over the years. A massage gun is used to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and also helps to promote blood and lymph circulation and accelerate recovery after workout and exercise injuries. The benefits are countless, and the proof is that many specialists, including physiotherapists and masseurs, apply massage guns during sessions. With so many brands and models available, you might wonder: which massage gun fits my purpose best? What should I consider before buying my massage gun? We listed essential features for each massage gun to help you pick the suitable device to match your needs.


Booster – Top of the range


If you know exactly what we are talking about and understand an excellent massage gun, you might be looking for any device from our Booster collection. One of the best brands in the market, Booster comes with some of the most powerful devices and a great quality battery so that you can use their massage guns on a large scale. Health professionals love the Booster S-4 Speed / 5 Head for its durable power, percussion force, stability, lightweight, attachment size and design that eases the handling.

Athletes and active people go for either the Booster Lightsaber or Booster M2, as they give them the confidence of an easy-to-carry device with the power and frequency of a highly professional and robust product. Both devices come with Smart-HIT technology, which allows five speeds and three different automatic modes automatically or not, according to your needs, to provide muscle relaxation and activation. If you work out frequently or run marathons, these are the massage guns you are looking for. The Lightsaber model has another advantage: the colour and lights stand out, and the design is exceptionally favourable for handling and reducing external noise.

Booster also offers the efficiency of their massage guns in pocket size: the Booster Aero Metal Mini and the Booster Mini X. Both weigh less than 0.5 kg and are perfect for outside activities such as running. You literally can fit it in your pocket!


BM PRO 20 Speed - Because design and material matter 


When searching for a massage gun, you probably won't put the material or colour in the first place to make a decision. But the BM Percussion Massage PRO - 20 Speed will show you that material and design difference. This product is ergonomically made to minimize external vibration, and a durable non-slip grip makes it more accessible and comfortable to hold. It also comes in some fashion colours, from standard black to shiny gold, if you are an Instagram person. Not only that, but this massage gun stands out for its excellent battery life: fully charged once and get 7 hours of massage. Gym animals and active people love it. Definitely one of our favourites!


30 Speed / 6 Head - The best beginner's massage gun 

Our collection of massage guns is not restricted to one brand, as our goal is to meet everyone's purpose in terms of pain relief. For example, our Professional 30 Speed / 8 Head Touch Screen is our most popular device. It is the best match between price and quality, which means you have a great device at an affordable price. Many people are looking for a massage gun with outstanding performance to use for exercise or massage purposes, and this device ticks all essential requirements. The different colours are also attractive, and if you want your first massage gun, the 30 Speed 8 Head is our best option.


Percussion Massager - An intelligent device


Another beloved massage gun is the Professional Smart Massage Gun – Percussion Massager for its many functions aside from the actual massage. This device has an LCD screen that shows the battery percentage, your body temperature, heart rate and calories burnt (yes, you can burn calories using a massage gun!). This Percussion Massage Gun comes with eight attachments that correctly massage different parts of your body—highly recommended if you are active and want something more than just a simple body massager.

Our collection of massage guns is free of shipping fees and can be delivered Australia and New Zealand-wide.

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