How to use massage gun head attachments?

How to use massage gun head attachments?

Purchasing a massage gun is an excellent idea if you want to recover your muscles after working out. A good massage gun will come with attachments, but you can usually find those as a separate purchase, depending on the situation. The main challenge when you want to buy massage gun attachments is that you don’t know which one will suit your needs and requirements. Here are some of the top massage gun attachments and what they can do for you.

Small/large ball

The large ball is the best attachment, made either out of rigid foam or strong rubber. You can use this to treat medium or large muscle groups so that you can use it for pretty much all body parts. It’s a versatile, powerful attachment that delivers immediate relief. The small ball massage gun attachment is similar to the giant ball; however, the size is smaller. It’s more suitable for smaller areas and can provide significant relief. But you can’t expect it to cover a considerable extent; this is more for a localized massage.

The bullet

The bullet is a typical massage gun attachment that is small in size and has a gentle point right at the top. Just like the small ball, this is for massaging specific areas. Using it for more than 15 seconds at a time is not recommended.

The fork

The fork attachment is one of those things that most people won’t use, but it can be great for chronic tension and back pain. It goes on both sides of the spine and massages both areas at once. Please don’t use it on the bone; it can only be used around your spine.


The flat head works excellent for most muscle groups. It delivers a dense, deep massage. This attachment doesn’t have pointy edges or sharp edges so that the massage won’t hurt. You can find flat heads in different sizes, which is excellent.

The boxer

This massage gun attachment does precisely what its name says. It has the appearance of a boxing glove, focusing on delivering more power and impact than a classic ball attachment. It’s primarily suitable for tense, tight or sore areas. As a result, this is perfect for muscle recovery.

The spade

As its name suggests, this massage gun attachment delivers a precise massage. It has a narrow, flat shape, making it great for regions like your shoulder blades or even your pelvis. It’s suitable for hard-to-reach areas, and it delivers targeted relief.



All these massage gun attachments are excellent for specific parts of your body, so buying a massage gun with as many extensions is a good idea. You never know when you may need some excellent massage gun attachments, so getting them all as a set can be very helpful. Even if not all massage guns come with many extensions, you can still purchase these separately in most situations!

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