How to Maintain a Massage Gun - and Make It Last Longer!

Massage Gun - Percussion Massager

Massage guns are the most popular trending product for pain relief, muscle comfort and general massaging. It is a mobile device that targets areas of your body with rapid pulses to loosen up the tight knots on the muscles, reducing soreness and increasing blood flow. It is easy to hand and convenient to carry around and use anywhere, as it is a wireless product that holds the charge for several days.

Many people do two or three sessions every day, and most likely any other electrical device, a massage gun can be affected by frequent wear and tear. There are some ways to preserve the consistency of your gun, and by following some simple steps, you will have long-term support for body massage.  


Will my massage gun last long? The answer is YES if you learn to take good care of your massage gun and do periodical maintenance. Massage guns can affect their performance over time after numerous repetitions and normal wear and tear like any other electrical device.

It is essential to maintain your massage gun, to reduce noise and keep it running smooth and firm by applying electric motor lubricant oil inside and out of the attachment area. Let it sit for a few minutes before using your device again.

You can also keep your massage gun clean and free of germs by simply wiping it down with antibacterial wipes or using a wet towel – no harm in doing that. Let it dry, or use a dry towel to remove the moisture. The same method can be used to clean the attachments, except for the foam head, which should be cleaned with spray sanitiser and air dry. 

Do not overcharge

Massage guns hold a charge for several days when on a full battery. Depending on the model, the weapon will consistently provide 10 minutes daily for three months. For all series, it is recommended to leave your massager on charge for eight hours to get the best performance of it.

However, there is no need to overcharge your massage gun, as it may damage its battery life. An overnight charge is the best power you can give to your device. 

Smart Percussion Massage Gun

Dos and Don’ts

Maintaining your massage gun will give you essential daily support to keep your muscles relaxed and tight. Avoid letting your gun be under high temperatures or in contact with flames, as well as water (never submerge your massager!). Our massage guns come with a carry case for some reasons, including the convenience of using them everywhere and avoiding foreign objects in the attachment area.

If your massager starts to make noise or behave weirdly, don’t try to fix it yourself; contact our customer service support team instead. However, if you take good care of your massage gun, it is unlikely that this will happen. 

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