ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain
ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain

ThermaRelief Pro - Electric Heated Waist & Abdominal Massage Belt for Lower Back, Abdominal Pain

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Explore the realm of comfort with our WAGNUM ThermaRelief Pro Massage Belt – your key to rapid pain relief. This innovative marvel seamlessly merges the soothing power of heat and massage, offering you a direct path to an elevated state of relaxation.

WAGNUM ThermaRelief Pro features with heat, vibration massager and red light therapy.

Enhanced Comfort with Innovative Features:
Discover the pinnacle of comfort and relief with the WAGNUM ThermaRelief Pro – an electric heating waist massage belt designed to redefine your experience of pain relief and relaxation. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, this advanced massager offers a multitude of features to ensure your well-being.

Top-Notch Material and Design:
Crafted from premium diving fabric, the ThermaRelief Pro is exceptionally lightweight, soft, and elastic. Its superb thermal insulation, comfortable touch, and resistance to pilling make it an ideal companion for on-the-go relief.

Revolutionary Combination:
Experience the synergistic effects of red light heating and dual motor vibration. With three temperature settings and three vibration intensities, you can effortlessly customize your therapy session. Whether you choose to indulge in both functions simultaneously or separately, the ThermaRelief Pro caters to your needs.

Wagmun ThermaRelief Pro heated lower back massager.

Holistic Relief and Revitalization:
Say goodbye to muscle soreness and stress. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of the ThermaRelief Pro, which effectively relaxes muscles, alleviates fatigue, and stimulates blood circulation, promoting your overall well-being.

Unbound Convenience with USB Charging:
Equipped with a high-capacity 5000mAh rechargeable battery, the ThermaRelief Pro offers wireless operation for an unparalleled level of freedom. Whether you're at home or on the move, you can enjoy a comforting massage anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive Control, Effortless Operation:
Navigate your relaxation journey with the digital display controller and touch screen button design. The panel displays temperature and gear settings, allowing you to effortlessly fine-tune the temperature and vibration mode for a tailored experience.

Elevate Your Comfort Today:
Upgrade your relaxation ritual with the WAGNUM ThermaRelief Pro. Unleash the power of heat and vibration therapy with cutting-edge features designed to enhance your well-being and provide the relief you deserve. Experience the future of massage technology – experience ThermaRelief Pro.

ThermaRelief PRO measurements of 118cm length, 20cm height.

*Model update 26/02.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews


David Kilborn
Great product

Good service great product


Great product. Use predominantly on the low heat and lasts several hours. Very comfortable to wear.

Thermarelief for back

Very quick delivery ,Hugh quality product
Truly brilliant heat setting helps with pain etc

Heat belt

The belt looks good quality and comfortable to wear. Its easy to operate and the heater works well, too well on high setting and gets very hot. Unfortunately the massage part is so slight that it can barely be felt. I previously bought a massage cushion from another supplier but that was too severe it actually hurt and I had to return it. I'm happy with this belt but it would be perfect if the massage part was more intense.


The heating function is good! The massage function would be more accurately just called "vibrate", not very useful. Also its just a bit confusing to use as the manual is not very detailed and doesn't explain how to change the degrees to Celsius, thought it does seem like that's meant to be possible? I like it so far, I hope it will last a long time, and I hope I can figure out the Celsius thing lol

John Beach
Lower back relief

I enjoy using this unit. It gives me lower back relief with both the heat and massage functions. The battery lasts for ages. I was thinking of a much more expensive item; but thought i would give the ThermaRelief Pro a go. I'm glad i did.

Chronic pain or just cold

Love the heat function most, massager is great too but flattens battery fast if both functions are on high lvl.
Can get a lot of pain relief with this, charge it up and unplug it, it lasts more than an hour on heat mode. Also have used the extra belt for a wider person which was very helpful.
My friend bought 1 and now I’m buying my 2nd for another person.
Wear it to the shops, wrap it around your feet …it’s so good

Great product

A Well made and reliable heat belt, excellent shipping times. A+++


Don't like how the controller is fixed to one place, so if you are treating abdominal area, the controller is at the back, which makes it uncomfortable. Also, temperature can't be changed to Celsius. Support is lacking and unresponsive. Heat function is good. Massage function is useless and not worth it.